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Heavy Snow Newsletter March 2009
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2 - Heavy Snow Newsletter
Joseph Fleming III, PE – Owner – Home Inspector 

  Joseph Fleming is a licensed Home Inspector in NJ and NY and a Professional Engineer. He is a member/director of the Garden State Chapter of the  American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

28 - Heavy Snow Newsletter
 Mike Hoyt – Home Inspector

  Mike Hoyt is a licensed NJ Home Inspector.  He is a member of New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors (NJ-ALPHI).  He has been in the construction field for over 20 years.

3 - Heavy Snow Newsletter
 Welcome to our Heavy Snow Newsletter. Now that there is a lot of snow predicted, we want to take the time to make sure your house is ready for it. In this newsletter we want to focus on ice dams on top of your roof. How do you prevent your roof from getting ice dams? But we want to start this newsletter with some tips to help you shovel more efficiently. 
Enjoy reading our newsletter!

 Shoveling tips 
34 - Heavy Snow NewsletterTo make sure you don’t physically stress out while shoveling snow, we have some tips for you:
* Don’t wait until all the 
  snow is done. Go 
  outside every couple of

  inches and scrape of the 
  next layer. This way you 
  make sure your
  not shoveling anything to

* Don’t wait a day. The snow could melt and turn into ice.
* Try to shovel early in the day. The sun can help melt off remaining
  snow and ice from walks and driveways.
* Be sparing with salt, it can destroy cement walks, steps and
* Dig out meters and mailboxes to help out your postal and utility 
  workers. Dig out fire hydrants if present in your yard as well.

* Help out where you can, if you have a snow blower and a public
  sidewalk, do your neighbors walk once in a while. Help elderly

* Dig a path through the yard for your small dog to run, which will help 

  the sidewalks from becoming soiled.

* Buy snow shovels when you don’t need them yet, because when it 
  is snowing they are hard to find.

* And last, but not least, don’t pile up snow where water runs during
  the melt off.

 Ice dams 

32 - Heavy Snow Newsletter
Ice dams are typically caused by heat escaping from the house, and melting the snow on the upper parts of the roof. The melted snow re-freezes when it gets down to the colder eave area where there is no heat loss from the house. Thawing water gets trapped behind the ice buildup to puddle and leak past the roof surface to damage the interior spaces of the home

There are several things that can be done to minimize ice damming:
1) One of the best things you can do is upgrade the attic
insulation and ventilation to keep the attic as cold as possible. This will minimize the snow melting on the roof surface. Focus on good venting in the soffit area.
ventilation - Heavy Snow Newsletter 
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

2) Add eave protection in the form of a waterproof membrane under the roofing shingles from above where the ice dams may form, down past the edge of the roof sheathing. If water backs up under the shingles, the membrane will help collect and hold the moisture until the ice dams melt off. Any area of the roof prone to ice damming should have a water proof membrane installed.
 eave protection - Heavy Snow Newsletter
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

3) Adding electric heating cables anywhere on the roof where ice
dams may form will help melt off snow and ice before it has a chance to puddle up under the roof shingles to leak inside the home.

Good luck and have a safe, dry snow storm!

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