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Spring Newsletter Spring 2009
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42 - Spring 2009
Joseph Fleming III, PE – Owner – Home Inspector 

  Joseph Fleming is a licensed Home Inspector in NJ and NY and a Professional Engineer. He is a member/director of the Garden State Chapter of the  American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

 Mike Hoyt – Home Inspector

  Mike Hoyt is a licensed NJ Home Inspector.  He is a member of New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors (NJ-ALPHI).  He has been in the construction field for over 20 years.

3 - Spring 2009
Welcome back to our seasonal newsletter! Spring is here. Trees are starting to get leaves and flowers are blooming. It’s a nice time to work outside and check your home. In this newsletter we have our seasonal checklist. We review the issue with sheet rock from China. Attorneys please review the benefits of referring us to your clients. We are especially sensitive to the needs of first time home buyers.

Enjoy reading our newsletter!

 Empty Nesters? 

39 - Spring 2009If you don’t check your roof vents on time, you might end up with a big bird’s nest. Now is the time that birds are nesting. This one was found in an attic area under a broken vent opening. It was about 4-5 feet tall. Besides destroying and soiling paper and insulation products in the attic, birds are known to harbor diseases. Always keep birds from nesting in attics, soffits, eave and vent areas.                                          Picture from: ASHI Magazine March 2008
If anyone has an interesting picture of something around the home please send it in, we would be glad to include it in a future newsletter.

 Spring Checklist 
Now that it is spring, it is time to check if your home is ready for warmer weather. It’s time to change winter settings to summer settings. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.



– Air Conditioning

Check that the AC condenser unit is clear of shrubs and bushes by 24 inches. The condenser should be level and clean of debris.

– Humidifier

Turn off unit and water supply. Switch humidifier’s duct damper from winter to summer setting as needed. Does the humidifier need professional service?

– Duct Dampers

In some homes there are dampers to switch the HVAC return air supply registers in the individual rooms for heating and cooling. Open high returns and close low returns for cooling season.

– Whole House Fan

Check the fan belt. Lubricate the motor and fan bearings. Clean the fan blades, bug/vermin screens and louvers.

– Gutters and Downspouts

Clean gutters, and make sure downspouts are attached and extended.

– Roof

Inspect roof for damage. Trim trees branches if overhanging or touching roof.

– Roof Vents

Inspect for damage or bird nests.

– Chimney

Inspect for damage to chimney cap, flue cap, chimney flashing at roof, bricks and mortar.

– Sump Pump

Test sump pump to make sure it removes water from the sump well.

– Exterior, General

Check condition of exterior paint on wood window frames and siding. Check the caulking where the window frames meets the exterior siding. Check the caulking where the veneer meets the exterior siding.

– Exterior, Grounds

Check that grading of soil and hard surfaces slopes away from foundation and garage openings.

– Attic

Check for signs of leaks, condensation and mold buildup.

– Attic Fans

Check the operation of thermostatically controlled attic fans.  Make sure vermin screens are in place and free of debris.

– Basement

Check for signs of foundation cracks, structural movement, leaks, rot and mold buildup.

– Crawl Space

Check for adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture. Open any exterior vents for the summer.

– Dehumidifier

Clean filters. Continue 24/7 operation. Most people set their basement dehumidifiers for 40% relative humidity.

– Plumbing

Open interior valves so that spigots are pressurized for the summer.

– Clothes Dryer

Clean lint from duct and from unit per manufacturer’s instructions.

– Sprinklers

Service and start system.

– Decks

Clean walking surfaces of debris and algae. Check deck railings and repair any looseness. Treat wood deck surfaces with a preservative stain to help deck last longer. 

– Birds

Look out for unwanted nests, birds are aggressive about nesting in unwanted places this time of year.

– Termites (WDI)

Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects are looking for places to nest for the summer and will attack soft, moist woods that are easy to get at. 

– Bees

Bees will start forming nests soon. Small nests that are starting out are easier to clean away than mature larger nests.

For more seasonal maintenance tips, check the website from How to Operate Your Home. If you need help, call us for a referral (201-263-0040).

 Chinese Sheet Rock 
You may have heard of the sheet rock from China problem recently in the news……….. 
  • Effects mostly those areas in the south inundated by recent
    hurricanes and flooding over last 5 years.
  • To date about 7500 homes from Florida to Louisiana are
    reported to have had Chinese sheet rock installed.
  • Shortages of building materials over last 5 years lead to
    importing of building materials including sheet rock from China.
  • Chinese sheet rock has high sulfur content that leaches out
    into air to cause metal corrosion.
  • Metal corrosion of copper pipes has cased plumbing leaks and AC condenser leaks.
  • Metal corrosion of copper wiring has caused deterioration of
    copper wiring in homes leading to poor electrical connections and fires.
  • Some reported cases of pitting corrosion of silverware.
  • The fix is to remove and replace sheet rock.
  • Ways to tell if you have Chinese sheet rock are strong sulfur
    smell, deteriorating copper pipes/wires/silverware and the sheet rock will say "Made in China" on the backside.
The good news is that this appears to be a regional problem in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas caused by several builders experiencing material shortages. There appears to be no reported cases in New Jersey or New York.
If you would like to know more, please check this website.

 Attention Attorneys, The Reason You Should Refer All In One:

All In One Home Inspection prides itself on its reporting. We work with handheld computers and digital cameras on site to record inspection findings. Complete report findings are organized into sections such as exteriors, roof, garage, kitchen, etc. The repair items are filtered out of the report and organized into a summary section at the end of the report for easy reading for everyone involved.
Our report format tends to cut down your time in review, and we all know that time is money!  

Summary of Features and Benefits: 
  • Photographs of repair/replace items.
  • Each repair/replace item will state what the problem is,
    ramification if not fixed and a recommended course of action.
  • Repair/replace items are summarized at the end of the report
    in its own section for convenience.
  • All In One staff available to explain the report comments.
  • We are one stop shop offering Radon and Termite exams with
    the Home Inspection.
  • We know where to find and schedule impartial "inspection only" services such as tank search and septic inspection companies for our clients.
  • Work well with first time buyers showing them such things as
    where shut-off valves are located and how to operate the steam boiler.

Below are sample reports that show how quick it is to open and review the information that you need from a home inspection. We want to make everyone’s lives easier. Thank you for your referrals.

Thank you
Thank you for choosing All In One Home Inspection. We’re always happy to help you with any questions or problems. Please, keep referring us to you family, relatives, friends and neighbors. If you would like to read our previous newsletters, take a look at our website. If you have any suggestions for blog topics, please let us know.

Our philosophy is clients for life.

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