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Joseph Fleming III, PE – Owner – Home Inspector  

Joseph Fleming is a licensed Home Inspector in NJ and NY and a Professional Engineer. He is a member/director of the Garden State Chapter of the  American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

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Welcome back to our seasonal newsletter! It’s summer, the weather is usually nice (it’s been hot lately!) and most people take a vacation. To be sure you will enjoy your vacation, check your house before you leave. Even if you don’t go away, you want to make sure your house is in good shape. In this newsletter we have our summer vacation checklist and some information about roof algae and moss. 

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 Clearly Labeled
51 - Summer 2010Do you think this is what the code inspector had in mind when insisting that the electrical panel be labeled?


                                                                Source: ASHI Reporter Magazine April 2010

If anyone has an interesting picture to share, please send it in.

 Summer Checklist 
Now is the time to check that everything is working for the hot and rainy days ahead. 
Use this checklist to make sure your home is ready for summer. 




– Air Conditioner Outside

Keep bushes and plant material clear of unit. Keep condenser fins and fan blades free of debris.

– Gutters, Downspouts and Leaders

Clean gutters, and make sure downspouts are attached and extended.

– Sump Pump

Test sump pump to make sure it removes water from the crock.

– Exterior

Complete any major paint, putty, wood repair and caulking projects.

– Fireplace, Wood Stoves and Chimneys

Schedule professional cleaning and service as needed.

– Air Conditioner Inside

Filters should be free of debris for best air flow through AC system. Evaporator fins and fan blades should be kept free of dust and debris for best efficiency.

 Vacation Checklist 
If you go away on vacation you want to be sure that nothing happens to your home. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.  
  • Stop the Mail  
  • Stop the Newspaper
  • Turn Down the Water Heater
  • Adjust the Thermostat
  • Close Window Treatments
  • Set up Several Timers for Lighting
  • Turn Off Washer Hoses
  • Make Sure Toilets Are Not Running
  • Check Stove Knobs
  • Buy Automatic Fish Feeders for Aquarium
  • Set up Plants for Self-Watering
  • Make Sure All Electronic Appliances are Off
  • Lock All Windows and Doors
  • Contact a Trusted Neighbor or Two 
  • Reserve Dog Walkers or Kennel Space for Pets 

For more seasonal maintenance tips, check the website from How to Operate Your Home. If you need help, call us for a referral (201-263-0040).

 Roof Algae & Moss
A common problem seen in a lot of houses that are partially shaded is roof algae and moss. 

Since algae doesn’t have any roots it needs flowing or falling water. Roof algae is usually found on north-facing slopes and in the shades of trees or other buildings. Algae is unlikely to grow in direct sun. Algae is generally not considered a problem by roof shingle manufacturers.

53 - Summer 2010Roof moss damages the roof shingles and underlying wood sheathing. Roof moss loosens the gravel grit on the shingle surface. The grit is there to reflect the sun’s UV rays. The UV rays will make the asphalt in the shingles dry out quicker. Roof moss also holds the roof (shingles and sheathing) moist and damp. The wood sheathing will become damaged from constant moisture. 
There are several ways to prevent or kill roof moss:

  • Remove shade causing branches that overhang the roof to help prevent slow drying. 
  • Install copper or metal strips along the ridge of an existing roof. This may help slowly kill moss as rainwater washes over the metal and down the roof surface.
  • If it’s time to replace your roof, consider installing a metal roof, since moss is not able to grow on the smooth surface.Or think about chemically treated roof shingles which are available from several asphalt roofing manufacturers. These shingles are designed to be resistant to moss. 
  • Clean your roof once or twice a year. Cleaning removes debris (leaves, needles etc.) that slows drying of the roof and removes moss plants. Wet sweeping will remove most of the moss, as long as plants have not gotten too well established. If your roof slope is steeper than five inches of rise per horizontal foot, you will need either to hire a professional or to use professional equipment.
  • Spray the roof down with a trisodium phosphate/chlorine/water mixture that will kill and cause moss to flake off over a month or so.  Trisodium phosphate can be found at hardware stores typically in the paint department.  Professionals in the roof cleaning business use this approach but can speed things along by gently scrubbing the moss off the roof after killing the moss.

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