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27 - Winter 2008

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29 - Winter 200829 - Winter 2008Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Winter Newsletter Winter 2008
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2 - Winter 2008
Joseph Fleming III, PE – Owner – Home Inspector 

  Joseph Fleming is a licensed Home Inspector in NJ and NY and a Professional Engineer. He is a member/director of the Garden State Chapter of the  American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

28 - Winter 2008
 Mike Hoyt – Home Inspector

  Mike Hoyt is a licensed NJ Home Inspector.  He is a member of New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors (NJ-ALPHI).  He has been in the construction field for over 20 years.

3 - Winter 2008
Welcome back to our seasonal newsletter! Now that we’re getting close to the end of the year, it’s time to check if your house is ready for winter. We have our usual checklist and our guest blog is written by Karla Cino, broker-owner of Karla Cino, Realtors.
Winter usually comes with a lot of snow. You should get your snow shoveling plan together. Decide if you are going to get help shoveling or do it yourself. Are there enough snow shovels and salt around? Buy it when you don’t need it, you’ll never find a snow shovel in a store when it’s snowing.
Enjoy reading our newsletter!

 The Heat is On 

26 - Winter 2008You can’t see it in the photo, but there is a sign nearby  advertising this as a "high-efficiency economical heating system." The inspector that took this picture said that there was so much wrong with this picture that all he could do was laugh. 
Picture from: ASHI Magazine November 2007

 Winter Checklist 
It’s almost winter. Let’s get that house ready, so you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.    



– Fire and smoke alarms

Change batteries, vacuum to remove dust, and test.

– Carbon monoxide alarms

Change batteries, and test.

– Roof and gutters

Monitor roofs for snow buildup and ice dams throughout the winter.  Record problems for future corrective work.

– Gutters

Keep downspout leaders extended.  Water draining during a melt tends to puddle where there is no snow.  Make sure snow melt water does not come back against the foundation or basement windows.

– Exterior spigots

Make sure that the water supply that leads to your outside water spigots has been shut off to prevent frozen pipes.

– Sump pump

Test sump pump to make sure it removes water from the crock.

– Steam boiler

Check water level. Remember to drain the sludge from the bottom of the boiler every two weeks or so.

– Electric heaters

Make sure that electric heaters are clear in front. No drapes, furniture, extension cords or kids laundry piled against them. The electric heaters get hot and will start fires.

– Heater

If you have not done so already, have your heater serviced.  Preventative maintenance with your heating system can keep the heater from breaking down when you can least afford it.

– Firewood

Store any firewood at least 30 feet from the house.  Storing the firewood too close can be a fire hazard and can also attract pests (adding to your home maintenance in the spring).

– Window AC

If you have a window AC unit, that should also be part of your home maintenance checklist.  The window AC usually leaks cool air into the home causing drafts.  Either cover it or remove it from the window for winter. 

– Air Filters

Check furnace air filters for cleanliness

– Humidifiers

If you are planning to run the humidifier check the screen or drum. If the screens are filled with flaking minerals/crud and the drip pan appear ready to overflow, it may be time to have the humidifier serviced.

– Bedrooms

Consider moving your bed’s headboard against an interior wall.  Sleeping with the cold draft from an exterior wall or window washing over your head at night can cause colds and illness.

– Extra rooms

If you have unused rooms, close them off and lower the temperature to no less than 55 degrees.  You don’t need to pay to heat the unused space, but you also do not want any pipes to freeze.

– Exterior doors

Look for gaps or "daylight" between doors and frames that may let in a draft of cool air.  Install extra door seals to prevent leakage.

– Storm windows

Older homes with storm widows should close these for the best heating efficiency.

– Snow shovels

Do you have enough snow shovels and salt?  Go to the store when it’s not snowing to find some.

– Snow blowers

Check the gas and oil in the snow blower.  Start up the snow blower to make sure it runs OK before it snows.

For more seasonal maintenance tips, check the website from How to Operate Your Home. If you need help, call us for a referral (201-263-0040).

Guest blog featuring Karla Cino, broker-owner of Karla Cino, Realtors:
25 - Winter 2008Announcing Karla Cino, Realtors Broker-Owner, Karla Cino has attained the  "GREEN" certification of "EcoBroker"

 EcoBroker is the first and largest provider of green designation training for real estate professionals.


® is the one true green designation, taught by experts in the green industry and the real estate industry.

As a certified EcoBroker® I am equipped with additional energy and environmental information and tools that help me provide added value to all of my real estate transactions. EcoBroker training helps real estate agents address the newest topics in real estate, such as "green" home certification programs like Energy Star® Qualified Homes, energy-efficiency, and environmentally-sensitive design. The EcoBroker designation assists real estate agents in working through issues that may arise in any real estate transaction, such as mold, radon, and poor indoor air quality, providing real solutions. EcoBrokers grow their client base by attracting the green-minded consumer and providing valuable energy and environmental information to all types of clients. With expertise and Affiliate relationships, EcoBrokers are known for providing exceptional value to all of their relationships.

EcoBroker Certified agents must take an annual 4 hour course to maintain this certification and stay on top of the latest information in the green real estate industry.

Contact Karla Cino, Realtors for more information regarding real estate in New Jersey & New York

Karla K. Cino GRI, ABR, SRES, ePRO
Broker – Owner
Karla Cino, Realtors
1355 15th Street
Suite 130
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Office  201-986-2961
Fax     866-842-4096
Mobile 201-774-6432
Web site:

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