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Welcome to the All In One Home Inspection LLC Web Site. If you are seeking a Home Inspector we provide information within the Web Site about our Home Inspection process, reporting, services and pricing. The information provided on our site is also intended to be a resource for home buyers and home owners in New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Finding a Home Inspector

dscn9050 small - Welcome If you are searching for an inspector, we understand that you have many choices. That is why we would like to explain to you why we are the best choice for your home inspector. We realize the home, or building, you are purchasing is a huge investment, and it is our job to do our best to protect you from major defects. Our goal is to be prepared when we arrive at the home and to be proud to represent you. We will record all of our findings for you, help you understand the implications of the findings, and direct you as necessary to a corrective resolution. Our report is computer generated with digital pictures, and arrows pointing to any problems. The report is clear and easy to understand. We will make every effort to discover and report any defects or areas of concern to you. After you review your report, you will feel confident that we were thorough and had your best interest in mind. 

vhi teaser bewerkt - Welcome Choosing the right inspector could mean the difference between finding hundreds or thousands of dollars in problems — or not finding them at all. What should you look for? What types of skills or credentials are required? The inspector’s skill and credentials are extremely important. A knowledgeable contractor with years of experience does not mean that he will be thorough in all areas of the home. The training or experience of an inspector is very important, but it still does NOT guarantee a thorough inspection. The inspector’s ability to find defects is the most important criteria. No matter the experience or the training, the inspector must be able to find the defects. We suggest to you that the best way to determine the right inspector is by trust. Trust us to represent you with sincere integrity and diligence and we will be the right choice. Let us give you assurance that you’ll be glad you found us. Call us now; let us inspect this home or building for you. We will get you scheduled in right away.

Why Hire Us For Your Home Inspection?

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We create easy to understand reports with color photos and an easy to read summary.

We deliver the report over the Internet to anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

We are also available on weekends.

We use HomeGauge inspection software to generate a professional report with a password protected link for viewing.

We are courteous, accessible and on time.