Below are some links that can take you to more information about elements that are sometimes found in homes. Your home inspection may or may not include these inspections or testing.  It is recommended that you review your contract with our company to determine what additional services (if any) were performed.

About your Home 

How Stuff Works
How things work around the Home.

The Plumber 
This is a friendly site about plumbing.

Home Heating Help
More than you wanted to know about steam heat, in a good way.

Consumer Safety and Recalls
For items around the home.

Lowes home improvement.

Home Depot 
Home Depot home improvement.


American Society of Home Inspectors 
ASHI is the most recognized standard of the Home Inspection Industry.

Garden State Chapter ASHI
The regional chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors

Asbestos Examination and Testing

US-EPA Asbestos 
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Web Site all about Asbestos and you.

Home Inspection

NJ-DCA – Home Inspection Laws 
The law that regulates the Home Inspection Industry in New Jersey as of December 2005 – DEPARTMENT OF LAW AND PUBLIC SAFETY DIVISION OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS HOME INSPECTION ADVISORY COMMITTEE STATUTES AND REGULATIONS.  You will need Adobe Reader to review this link.

Lead Paint Examination and Testing

US-EPA Lead Paint 
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Web Site on Lead in Paint, Dust and Soil.

Mold Examination and Testing

US-EPA Indoor Air – Mold 
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Web Site about Mold. Look for the link about “Mold and your Home”.

Radon Testing

US-EPA Radon 
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Web Site on Indoor Air – Radon (Rn). Look for links to “Radon and Real Estate” and “Maps of Radon Zones”.

NJ-DEP Radon Section 
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection explains Radon Testing, test results and mitigation.

Real Estate

NJ-DEP Historic Preservation Office 
Buying a Home that is a Historic Landmark? New Jersey’s Historic Preservation Office, located within the Department of Environmental Protection, brings expertise in a variety of fields essential to preserving historic resources.

NJ-DEP Green Acres 
Buying land near Green Acres? The Green Acres Program was created in 1961 to meet New Jersey’s growing recreation and conservation needs.

Wells – Drinking Water

NJ-DEP Private Well Testing Act 
This site will help you understand the requirements of New Jersey’s Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) – a new law aimed at disclosing important information about private drinking water wells. Under the PWTA, certain wells must be tested before a house can be sold.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

US-EPA Pesticides 
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Web Site on Pesticides and its’ use for the control of Wood Destroying Insects.

NJ-DEP Pest Control Program 
This is the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s Web Site that has information about the regulations for the Pest Control and Inspection Industry.